Call the police if another car is involved. A police report is the only official account of what happened. Exchanging information is not always reliable. 

If you need a tow call Mercer’s Collision Center. If your car is blocking traffic the police will call towing for you. Ask to have your car towed to Mercer's Collision Center.*

If your car is drivable call Mercer's Collision Center when you're ready to make the repair. We'll make the repair fit your schedule.

Call your insurance company within 24hrs and tell them your car has been towed to Mercer's Collision or that you plan to use Mercer's Collision for the repair.* 

Call  Mercer's Collision Center at your earliest convenience. If you call after hours, please leave a message with the car owner's name, a contact number, type of vehicle, and your insurance company. 

*It is illegal for a tow company, the police, or an insurance company to require you to send your car to a specific body shop, it is completely the vehicle owner's choice. It is also illegal for a body shop to hold your vehicle if you do not wish to use them for the repair.

Call Mercer's Collision if you need help with any part of this process.